LED Deck Lighting:
Combining Aurora Deck Lighting rugged construction and the latest LED Technologies, the LED offering is most energy efficient of all.

Iris The pyramid-topped Iris Anello is a beautiful deck light that is both dramatic and environmentally friendly.
Saturn The Saturn Anello light has a square top which can be mixed with the Titan light for a dramatic presentation
Polaris Multilayered solar topped light
Eclipse Down Lighting caps accent posts and add a flash of brillance
Nova Down Lighting caps accent posts and add a flash of brillance
Phoenix This new LED deck lighting kit is designed to provide functional and attractive recessed lighting that is perfect for deck floors, rails, or stairs.
Vega The innovative Vega Railing Light offers subtle ambience along with the latest LED technology.
Odyssey The Odyssey Recessed LED Strip Lighting is brightest of all, illuminating stairs, railings, gazebos and more.
Aries The 4 LED Solar Post Cap Light washes accent lighting down the post and railing.

L.E.D. Deck Lighting
Aurora Deck Lighting - Iris LED Post Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Saturn LED Post Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Polaris Solar LED Post Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Eclipse LED Post Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Nova LED Post Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Pheonix LED Recessed Light Kit
Aurora Deck Lighting - Vega LED Rail Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - Odyssey LED Strip Light
Aurora Deck Lighting - 4 LED Solar LED Post Light