Odyssey LED Strip Light

Use Odyssey lights to create a dramatic curtain of light that shines down from under deck rails, steps, soffits,
patio covers, gazebos, or the underside of a deck. These long lasting tiny LED light bulbs, in their chain, puts
out a beam of light with a 120 degree radius.
  • Energy Efficient, Long Life LED's
  • Soft, Warm White Output
  • Easy to Install
  • Transformer will operate up to 20' of LED Strip Lights
  • 4 LED strip kits or individual strips
  • Actual size: 3/16" Wide x 5/16" Deep
  • Odyssey Accessories
    Installation instructions

    Kits Include:
  • Wire, Transformer & Remote control with Driver
  • and (4) 18", 24", 36" or 48" LED Strips

  • IMPORTANT Only 16' of Odyssey strips can be installed on each 'run' from the transformer