"We canít get out of the neighborhood without selling another job because of your lights!"
- Bob Lehman
- Creative Deck Designs
- Baltimore, MD

"Your lights are selling our deck packages."
- George Drummond
- Casa Decks
- Virginia Beach, VA

"Work less make more", "Lighting has transformed my business."
- Alvin Smith
- Maine Deck Builders
- Carmel, ME

"Tho I resisted the idea at first, your lights have become the most profitable thing that we do in our business."
- Doby Franklin
- Franklin & Sons Deckmaster
- Tulsa, OK

"You set us apart from the rest."
- Shawn Miller
- Classic Designs
- Centennial, CO

"Your service is as good as it gets!"
- Gabriel Peight
- Keystone Vinyl
- Bedford, PA