Solar FAQ

What is the run time on the solar light?
The run time will vary based on the season. During the summer months, the solar light will run for up to 14 hours. During the winter months, the shorter daylight hours, as well as cloudy days, will reduce the run time to approximately 3-6 hours.

How long will the Solar lights last?
The LED bulbs are designed to last a lifetime, as is the solar collector. These are of the highest quality and latest technology available today. The batteries are 1.5V NiCad batteries. These will last approximately 1000 cycles, or roughly three years. Batteries are warranted for one year. Replacements can be purchased locally.

My solar light will not light up?
The most common issue is the battery. It takes up to three weeks for a new solar unit to cycle to full capacity. Winter months will effect this cycle time as well, if installed in the middle of winter. To test a solar unit, remove the NiCad batteries, and install AA alkaline batteries. Cover the entire solar collector to test the unit. If the unit lights up, replace the NiCad batteries.