Low Voltage Wiring FAQ

How many lights can I install on a transformer?
Up to 50 lights. See transformer section. For further detail, read the transformer instruction sheet included with the transformer.

What type of bulb is used, and where do I get replacements?
The bulb is a standard automotive brake light bulb, and can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Can a dimmer switch be used?
Dimmer switches are not effective on low voltage lighting.

Can the light output be reduced on the low voltage light?
A 7.5 watt bulb is available to reduce the light output if desired.

Some lights appear dimmer than others, what do I do?
This is a result of wiring issues. Primary due to longer distances from the transformer (200 or more feet). There are several different wiring schemes to address and/or correct this. Please refer to the transformer instruction manual to correct.

I have low voltage landscape lighting; can I add Decklights to this?
Generally, the answer is no. It is best to start from scratch, for two reasons: First, the transformer likely has less wattage output than is necessary for the Aurora Deck lights. In addition, landscape lighting usually uses 18-gauge wire, which is too light for the Aurora Deck Light product. Using this will cause a drop in wattage, making the lights appear dimmer.

Can I change the glass style in the light?
Yes, glass can be purchased separately to change between the styles. This includes new Tiffany Opalescent Glass in red, white, blue, and green

Can I put the lights on an inside switch?
Yes. To do so, the outlet that the transformer plugs into must be wired to the desired switch. The transformer is then placed in "manual mode", operated by the light switch.