Starting February 16, 2015

ALL Low Voltage Post top Lighting (Orion, Titan, Sirius) will start shipping with
our 'new' 1.6 watt LED Warm White light bulb.

This will effect the sizing of your Transformers. Each light will
only require 1.6 Watts per fixture. Instead of the current 18 watts per light.

For assistance in sizing transformers please call 800-603-3520.

Light Bulbs for Aurora Low Voltage Lights

Incandescent Light Bulbs

  • Available in 7.5, 12, 13.3 and 18 Watt
  • LED Light Bulbs

  • Available in Warm and Cool White
  • Uses 1.6 Watt per fixture
  • 9LEDCW - Cool White
  • 9LEDWW - Warm White