Post Top Lighting:
All Aurora Deck Lighting post top lights are made of rust free cast aluminum which is powder coated for long lasting finish. Number if different styles help suit individual taste and create unique spaces.

Triton New The Triton Light is stylishly smooth and sophisticated. This new post light will blend beautifully with numerous landscape themes..
Polaris Solar powered classic lantern style with a multi-dimensional cap and ribbed glass panels (standard).
Titan Multiple levels of classic detail in a lantern light with a variety of decorative glass options.
Sirius Traditional high pyramid top and a multi-layer base frame the crystallized glass. (Other glass options are available.)
Orion Mission-inspired detail adds geometric flare both day and night to the Orionís classic lantern style.
Eclipse Brilliant LED down lights adorn the corners of this sleek and modern pyramid design.
Nova This flat top post cap light offers simple beauty and function, with our LED spots shining down from each corner.
4 LED The powerful solar cell on this low profile, multi-dimensional cap provides dramatic LED down lighting for posts and rails.

Post Top Lighting